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How to advertise on Google, (And only pay PER LEAD)

August 14, 20236 min read

“As marketers, we should be changing the mantra from always be closing to always be helping.” – Jonathan Lister


GOOGLE PPC (Pay per click)! We've all heard of it- or maybe you haven't. Some have tried it, and some have failed. And some of us are just too scared to gamble our money on paying for clicks! But what if I told you there was GOOGLE PPL! Aka... Google pay per lead. Well now there is- Google Local Service ads!

Google Local Ads

With that being said...

What are Google Local Service ads?

This is a new advertising method was designed to help local businesses flourish. Instead of Zillow outbidding everyone for "Houses in _____" You can now show up if you're close in proximity. AND the best part is you don't pay for clicks... you pay for LEADS! Which is actual names and numbers of people. So if you have cold feet about paying for ads- you'll be paying.

So how do we get started? (In 7 steps)

The first things first we need to check our eligibility- and sign up

(you can do that here)

1) Define goals -

Are you promoting listings, gaining clients, or building brand?

We need to shape our ad around a goal. You can have multiple campaigns running for buyers, sellers, investors... etc. But each ad, and each funnel needs to have an ideal client in mind.

2) Search Intent (keywords that work) -

Choose terms (Keywords) potential clients use to find properties, this is what a prospect would search into google when they're trying to find an agent... or list their home with zillow (yikes)!

This is what makes Google so compelling. Your prospect is SEARCHING for YOU; this is way better than YOU searching for THEM! This is what we call search intent; we know they're looking to sell their home, or potentially buy one.

Now you might be asking "what key words do people search for."

Lucky for you; we're going to give you a short list. Testing is always important so make sure you take inspiration from these and don't just copy paste them..:

  1. "Sell my house fast"

  2. "Real estate agent for listings"

  3. "Listing agent near me"

  4. "Top realtor for selling homes"

  5. "Home selling experts"

  6. "Sell your property with us"

  7. "Best real estate listing services"

  8. "Home sales specialist"

  9. "Property listing assistance"

  10. "Experienced home listing agent"

  11. "Selling your home? Contact us"

  12. "Get the best price for your home"

  13. "Find a realtor to sell my house"

  14. "List your property with professionals"

  15. "Expert real estate listing agent"

  16. "Sell your home hassle-free"

  17. "Maximize your home's value"

  18. "Trusted realtor for listings"

  19. "List your home for sale"

  20. "Proven track record in home sales"

IF you need further help with keywords, or targeting you can of course book a 100% consultation call with us! (HERE ------->

3) Craft compelling ads (Irresistible Offers)

You need to give people a REASON to sign up- or reach out to speak with you.

The simplest way of explaining how to create an irresistible offer is:

Leveraging what they want vs. what they don't want.

Eg) Sellers WANT to sell their house for as much as possible; as fast as possible

They DON'T want: To pay a realtor commission, don't want to experience any pain like inspection issues, negotiations, difficult buyers...etc.

So in our offer we want to promise all of the upside, and minimize any of the down sides- and then tie it all together with a Risk Reversal

Risk Reversal: A Guarantee that you will perform on the promises you made OR you'll give them respirations

Here's an example of a compelling offer: We'll sell your home for OVER listing price in UNDER 30 days. Without you having to lift a finger.

And if we don't we'll buy it ourselves!

Basically the offer we just crafted was a guaranteed WIN for our client. If we can't sell it, we'll buy it!

We maximize the win by selling OVER listing in UNDER 30 days- and we minimize the pain by saying "without lifting a finger".

And we reverse the risk with a guarantee of it being bought either way.

Get creative with this- craft your own offers:

(P.s. Offers get saturated fast so don't just rip this)

4) Set budget & bidding strategy -

Allocate funds and select cost-per-click (CPC) or cost-per-thousand-impressions (CPM) bid.

They also set WEEKLY budgets- you never want to go below a $350/ week budget. This should get a consistent inflow of leads.

Platforms like people who pay more- so the more you pay the more and CHEAPER the leads you get.

Think of it like buying in bulk.

A gas station coke costs a lot more per bottle than a Costco pack of 30!

5) Target audience -

Specify demographics, location, and interests of potential buyers/sellers.

Think of the zip codes you work in, you'll want to bid in those areas. This comes down to your local knowledge- what areas have the highest concentration of the prospects that YOU want to work with.

(P.S. Follow Equal Housing Guidelines DO NOT REDLINE)

6) Landing pages -

Design user-friendly, prospect-specific pages with clear calls to action.

This is your website. A lot of realtors, and agents make the mistake of making a pamphlet, or a Zillow-like websites where you can search for properties. Spoiler- you're not going to beat zillow at their own game. They have a TEAM of software engineers to make the user experience as smooth as possible, and have the brand and reputation. If people are searching for homes; their going to Zillow.

So, we need to position ourselves differently. By designing SALES Funnels. This could look like a short survey, or just a name and number to sign up for your Lead Magnet.

Lead Magnet- A lead magnet is a (usually) free thing that a lead will get JUST for signing up to your website and giving their name, email, number...etc. This could be a Free list of homes, ebook, or... T-shirt! Basically we're giving them a reason to fill out their info- so they get their free thing.

If you're not a web design expert and want a done for you proven website you can of course book a call with us to help you! (HERE------>

7) Monitor & optimize (Testing) -

Every post we've written ALWAYS comes down to this one thing. TESTING. The truth about advertising and marketing your business is that there's no ONE strategy that will help you win. You will ALWAYS need to be testing, studying, and keeping up on the latest and greatest marketing techniques.

So to do this you'll need to test your Offers, Key words, Landing pages, Headlines, Bio's- and CTA's (Call to action).

This is the only way you'll be able to stay ahead!

Final thoughts:

Time for my final thoughts. Now obviously that's quite a bit to take in. And it can be scary to launch new campaigns not knowing if you'll actually generate any sales from them. But when starting any business (yes even a real estate business) you'll need to take calculated risks. Because fortune always favors the bold ;).

If you're interested in a 100% FREE Consultation Call then you can just follow this link for more info ⤵️

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