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How to get FREE listing appointments using Social Media

August 04, 20237 min read

your most valuable asset ― your attention.”

― Alex Hormozi


We've talked a lot about the strategy behind posting content, ad strategy, and a lot of the technical stuff. But there's something that's just missing- and that's how to make ACTUALLY good content. As an avid consumer of content... and a recent producer of it a long side my knowledge of paid ads I'm going to tell you how to make the best content possible- so you get the most views possible- so you get the most CLOSINGS possible.

Making good content img

With that said....

The attention economy

Right now the one thing more valuable than money is attention. Think about it; who are the biggest companies in the world? Google, Youtube, Facebook, ....Amazon! These websites are FREE to use (obviously there's premium packages but generally free). Their entire business model is selling your eyeballs to advertisers and vendors. So why can't we do the same thing but for our own businesses. We live in a time where it's incredibly cheap and easy to produce your own content. And the platforms we post it to not only make it FREE but will also PAY you to upload once you're big enough (See more here:

How to take advantage of this new opportunity

So, now that we know just how important attention is; how do we get it? The answer is simple... but not easy! Each of the platforms we'll post on-which we'll now refer to as the big 4 (Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Tik tok) rewards GOOD content.

And the easiest way to go viral and get TONS of eyeballs on your business it to post short form content that gives little hits of value.

This will keep your watch time up and give you a better CTR.

The virality equation

To find out how good your post is we have to look at two pieces of data: the CTR (click through rate) and the average watch time. The higher these percentages are-the more these platforms will push your content out FO' FREE!

So basically:

CTR x Avg. % whatched = VIRAL VIDEO

I've already talked about this in previous posts but we are again going to use the scientific method to determine how to make good posts (

The foundation of "Good" viral content

These two things are mainly are generally affected by two different factors.

The CTR is affected by the thumbnail and title (and the first 5 seconds of the video on youtube)

and the average % whatched is affected by delivering on the promise of the title, and keeping their attention with a new change in scenery, sounds, visuals (like memes) every minute. Or fast pacing to hold their attention.

(Basically stay away from super long and boring explanations.)

So what's the strategy?

I said I wasn't going to talk strategy- but I just can't help myself. The basic strategy is like we outlined in the link above.

But to get into the knitty gritty:

We make 10 short form content videos to reels, shorts, and Tik Tok, track their click through rate, and average watch time.

You'll post these on all of the big 4 platforms.

Then you're going to track which one has the highest CTR, and longest watch time%

You'll take these videos and pick 2-3 to turn into longer form videos 6-10 minutes and post these to your youtube.

You're going to go in the direction of whichever videos have the highest metrics.

Sometimes this gets tricky so let me give you an example of how to think.


Video A is a video of yourself talking with captions and you explaining the ways to stage a kitchen to sell for more $$

And Video B is just a walkthrough of a home you're selling with a trendy song behind it

You'll notice Video A performs better with % watched, but Video B has a higher CTR

We'll need to solve for why one has a higher CTR.

(In most cases you want good content > a good CTR)

So, we just have to find out how to make the better content video (ways to stage a kitchen to sell for more) to have a higher CTR.

We can test new titles, new thumbnails, and try adding the same trendy music in the background

Once we test new titles,thumbnails, and put music in the background (testing each one at a time) we will figure out a pattern on which titles work best and what type of thumbnails work the best.

**often times trendy music will affect virality and CTR because platforms will push trending songs to people feeds**

So how can I make content that's actually "good":

The best place to start is to look at other successful creators in your space! We'll take their video ideas, and then put our own twist on it!

So let's say you follow an influencer agent. Look at their highest performing videos. Use it as a prompt, and create your own!

Principles of "Good" Content: can be applied to short form or long form.

Click-Bait thumbnail/title- We want our thumbnails to be something people stop on in the feed. Using bright colors like red and green, exaggerated facial expressions, and some sort of mystery to get them to click on it to find out what it is! We also want to demonstrate some sort of value that will be exchanged in the title/thumbnail. Whether it's comedic value, actual $$ value, Education value, etc.. We want to give the viewer a REASON to watch the video.

**PRO TIP**Keeping titles 14 words or under will give the mist viewability on mobile devices

Engaging- This might seem obvious but no one likes to listen to people mumbling! Mic quality doesn't matter but you need to project your voice and sound confident. People love listening to a confident and entertaining person! Now you don't have to be a stand-up comedian... and with practice you'll get a ton better at talking to the camera, so don't sweat your first couple of videos! Also giving people a structure helps. So instead of "Ways to stage your kitchen" give them "5 ways to stage your kitchen to sell for more $$".

**PROTIP** To get over being camera shy record a 5 minute video of your self talking to your camera and watch it back EVERDAY! In a week you'll be a confident, pro!

Pay off- If you're promising something be sure to actually deliver on it. If you're giving them 5 ways to stage their kitchen give them 5 ways. And you could throw in something in at the beginning of the video like "And the 5th tip is something 99% of homeowners don't know". Which would be a pay off at the end of the video. INCREASING the avg% watched.

Stakes- Giving stakes is incredibly important. People LOVE risk! So giving them a reason to keep watching by implying "if they don't watch they'll be missing out on this one secret thing!"

So using these principles we can make a Video thumbnail that looks like this:

Thumbnail example img.

Things to keep in mind!

The key is giving REAL value to your watchers so they actually want to watch...

And then they'll start to trust you; and reach out to you for your Professional advice!

When you write your scripts, and edit your video; you'll need to have keep them engaged by having fast pacing. New sounds, images, and subtitles being thrown in. If you like memes then add some memes! If you like music play some music.

At the end of the day this is a creative endeavor- we can try to make a science out of it. But having fun, being creative- being yourself is what's going to ultimately get you viewers. People have a funny way of sniffing out people who aren't being genuine!

Final thoughts..

It's time for the final thoughts piece- and if you're smart you may be figuring out I'm using my own principles RIGHT NOW! I'm giving you tons of free value, so I can yes... SELL YOU SOMETHING; BUM,BUM,BUM!!

If you're at all interested in getting more value, having a road map to social media, or maybe you just want someone to do all of this complicated stuff for you; then please do check out our packages!

If you're interested then you can just follow this link for more info, and to schedule a call ⤵️

For more info on how we can help you visit:

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