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The 3 Steps to turn Online Leads into actual closings (Facebook Ads for Realtors)

August 03, 20238 min read

"My fucking warriors, who will not hang up the phone until their client either buys or fucking dies! - Let me tell you something. There is no nobility in poverty." - Leonardo DiCaprio (Playing Jordan Belfort)


Leads aren't worth much if they don't turn into sales. Many-a-Realtor has tried their hand at buying leads, or generating their own online leads through Facebook ads and have sadly failed to turn the leads into $$ in their pocket. So what do most agent's do? They give up! And scream at the top of their lungs "Facebook ads don't work", "Don't buy leads", "I only work with referrals". Which is fine if you've been in the business for 10+ years, and don't want to grow! But if you're a new agent, or experienced agent that actually wants to GROW and realize all of their financial dreams- then you HAVE to take control of your lead flow.

So today we're going to diagnose why you maybe struggling to convert leads , tell you how to convert online leads to sales, and how to then automate the process so the only leads you actually follow up with are quality!

With that said......

Why you shouldn't write off online leads:

The truth is, online leads are just as good as cold calling/Fsbo/Expireds, they're just as good as door knocking, just as good as any other lead. BUT the true magic comes with the leverage you have with online leads! You can spend $50 and reach 1,000 people who are actually interested in your service- and then have THEM reach out to you which like we've said before is 100x better than you coming to them!


Because when you ask someone to use your service the power dynamic switches.

You're no longer the expert they're seeking for advice...

You're someone they're doing a favor for because they like you and you've built rapport and they just can't say no!

Having the authority, and leverage for people to come to you is infinitely better, and scalable.

Think about it:

If you knocked 1,000 doors in a month and got one closing from that

then two get two closings a month you'd have to DOUBLE your output and knock 2,000 doors- and so on and so forth.

But that's not how ads work. Let's say it takes you $1,500 to get your first deal. With time you're growing you social media presence, you're becoming known as an area expert, you're ad costs are coming down because your ad creatives get better and better (especially if you read our last post:

So maybe it costs $2,500 to get two listings.

then $2900 to get 3 listings and so on, and so on...

What I'm getting at is knocking doors and cold calling have 0 leverage; meaning once they shut that door or hang up- you're out of their mind.

But with ads you constantly pop in their feed long after they've seen you once!

That's great but why not just wait for referrals? their free and almost always turn into sales!

Referrals are awesome! If anyone tells you differently then they've clearly never had one. And if you're a good agent you should get 30-40% of your business from referrals! But the main problem with just having referrals is:

You have 0 control of your income; you're waiting for a past client to say something good about you.

There's no predictable system that will reliably generate you leads, appointments, then closings.

The thing about business is it's boring!

You need something that's predictable. Let me show you what I mean!

IF we spend $1500 and get one closing

And we generate $7,500 from that one closing- if we invest HALF of our commission back then we can generate about

3 more closings

and all we have to do is increase the amount we're spending!

BORING but predictable.

That initial $1500 just turned into potentially $30,000+

PLUS now we have worked with 4 people- if half of them give us referrals then we've made even MORE for the $5,500 we spent on ads!

Now let's say we wait for one referral- we do a great job and they decide to refer us to a friend who's buying.

We've spent no money and got two sales GREAT!

But what if the friend doesn't have a friend that needs a realtor...?

How can we get our next check?

There's no snowball of growth! That's why I scream at the top of my lungs you NEED to generate you own leads! Referrals WILL come the more leads the more referrals!

So how can we actually turn these leads into closings?

Now that I'm done with my rant- let's get on to what you're here for! The meat and potatoes! How do I turn my Facebook Leads into clients.

We're going to talk about 7 Key steps that will solve all of your problems, and make your wildest income dreams come true!

Hello yacht party in Malibu!

Just kidding, but it will explode your growth as an agent; so LISTEN UP!

(Bonus) Staying Organized

Sometimes agents are their own biggest enemy! How do you keep track of leads now? Your excellent memory. Well when you have 100's of new leads coming in a month you might need some help! A CRM system is vital. So you can keep track of what appointment is at what time, what lead wants what property etc... If a lead keeps having to remind you of what they want then.. you'll lose them!

1. Speed to Lead

One of the most important aspects of online lead generation is SPEED TO LEAD! Think about today's average Facebook scroller- their attention span is TINY! So, we need to immediately follow up with them within 2 minutes of them opting into our ad. Any longer and there's about a 90% drop off in response rate. That's why if you've ever run a FB ad, or bought leads people will say "I never signed up for that, don't call again". People genuinely forget that they signed up for your program, service, or product. So we need to reach out to them while we still have their attention.

Now you might be asking "But patrick, I have other clients, showings, listing meetings, a kid, husband/wife, I can't just stare at my computer all day waiting for leads!"

And I'd say you're correct! But we have to solution for that but you'll have to keep reading to find out how to automate everything so you add 0 extra work to your day!

2.The Follow Up

Most agents know that the fortune is in the follow up. But a lot of agent's really only follow up with leads that reply back. Which fair enough if you're following up by hand it can be a ton of work. But you should follow up with a lead until they say "Stop". WE like to do this through email drip campaigns. If they don't decide to reply or set an appointment, or proceed in anyway; then they get texts every other day for about a week, then once a month until they say stop. We also set them up on our email drip campaign/newsletter keeping us FOREVER in there mind. All of these texts and emails we send also MUST look handwritten (aka not like a normal robot text/email). That's when we see the real results.

We use an integration with Twilio on our CRM that does all of this for you, with a central hub to keep track of all of your conversations (shameless plug)

3.The Sales Funnel

Now one of the biggest complaints agents have about online leads once they start getting 100's of them is the "quality sucks". Well that can be true if you just run an ad and get a bunch of names, numbers, and emails! But if you send the leads to your landing page that has a quick survey... you can weed out the bad leads, AND the ones who wouldn't respond anyway.

We've found that leads who fill out our form on facebook, then go off of facebook and fill out our survey have an EXTREMELY high conversion rate to appointment.

If you follow our other guide you should be getting about 10 of these leads a day!

Then you can pick and choose which ones you call!

(Bonus) Staying Organized

Sometimes agents are their own biggest enemy! How do you keep track of leads now? Your excellent memory. Well when you have 100's of new leads coming in a month you might need some help! A CRM system is vital. So you can keep track of what appointment is at what time, what lead wants what property etc... If a lead keeps having to remind you of what they want then.. you'll lose them!

The System working it's magic:

So, what's this look like when it's working...?

Using our Ad strategy, and creative strategy we outline here:

And here:

and a budget of $50 a day we'll start getting these kinds of results on JUST the leads side:

Campaign img

And this:

Campaign img

Which resulted in this many Prospects. Appointments, and Deals we were able to get our client.:

-Prospects img

Final thoughts.....

Now Obviously we are incredibly biased, but if you do follow this guide step by step in this order:

(And this post last)

You will be able to get these results- almost GUARANTEED!

But for our readers who realized just how much this new endeavor will cost if you don't know what ads work, if you don't have the back end follow up systems and automations, if you don't have templated funnels, and will want group coaching and in-depth guides (with the secrets we won't give out for free). Then we have a ton of packages to check out.

If you're interested then you can just follow this link for more info, and to schedule a call ⤵️

For more info on how we can help you visit:

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